Clipture - Now Released!

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I've been developing this clip platform for about half a year and it is finally done™.

Clipture automatically records over 1,800+ games and you can even add your own games. You can store up to 5GB of clips on our cloud. Completely free and open source. Self hosting is also an option for Clipture by hosting the server and storage.

Sadly, Clipture is only available for windows for now as I can't test it on Mac. Linux support won't be coming in the near future because @streamlabs/obs-studio-node has no bindings for linux.

This project has been coded with React (TSX) on the front end and with Typescript on the backend side of this electron app with over 20,000 lines of code total. Furthermore, I've developed a native manager, which gets current window handles and icons to allow non recognized games to be uploaded to clipture. This manager has been coded in C++. In addition to that, ffmpeg and ffprobe are required, they allow videos to be cut in small clips. An overlay allows you to recognize weither the game you are playing is currently being recorded or not.

Handy dandy voicemeters allow you to see in realtime if your game sound or you microphone is being recorded.

When uploading your clips to the cloud, you can select choose their visibility between "public" and "private" and share them with your friends.

Have fun and enjoy!

Until next time,


Hendrik Lind

Hendrik Lind

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